Exotic Meats

Taste Your Wild Side.
Exotic Meats Found Here

  • Ground Yak15.99 lb.
  • Kangaroo Loins17.99 lb.
  • ground kangaroo14.49 lb.
  • Kangaroo Patties13.99 lb.
  • Alligator Tail Meat17.99 lb.
  • Alligator ground14.99 lb.
  • aliigator andouilli sausage15.99 lb.
  • Rattlesnake38.99 lb.
  • Turtle Meat19.99 lb.
  • Whole Pheasants9.99 lb.
  • emu fan fillet23.99 lb.
  • emu burgers13.99 lb.
  • ostrich ground19.99 lb.
  • alpaca round steaks12.99 lb.
  • alpaca loins15.99 lb.
  • alpaca burger10.99 lb.
  • alpaca onion and pepper sausage13.99 lb.
  • rabbit hind quarters13.99 lb.
  • Rabbit Tenderloins16.99 lb.
  • Whole Rabbits10.99 lb.
  • Ground Rabbit9.99 lb.
  • Ground Goat9.99 lb.
  • Goat Chops or Loin Roast10.99 lb.
  • Goat Round Roast or Steaks9.99 lb.
  • Goat Stew Meat9.99 lb.
  • Boneless Duck Breast18.99 lb.
  • Whole Quails9.99 lb.

"prices subject to change without notice "